Define architecture tectonics

Define architecture tectonics, Define architecture tectonics chapter 5 dissertation it ain8217t pretty, but it sure fits well in this list hamlet revenge tragedy thesis statement.

Synonyms for tectonics in free thesaurus antonyms for tectonics 3 synonyms for tectonics: architectonics, plate tectonic theory, plate tectonics what are synonyms. Definition from wiktionary, the free dictionary tectonics (uncountable) (architecture) the science and art of assembling. Studies in tectonic to influence any future debate on the evolution of modern architecture studies in tectonic culture is nothing less than a rethinking of. Definition of tectonic - relating to the structure of the earth's crust and the large-scale processes which take place within it, relating to building or c. This paper attempts to identify the term “tectonics” comprehensively by collecting and categorizing existing definitions of tectonics within the architectural. I just started arc design 1 and the first project is to make a 6x6 cube one has to be stereotomic and the other has to be tectonic i think i.

Back to writings tectonics - the differentiation and collaboration of architecture and engineering patrik schumacher, london 2012 contribution to the catalogue/book. Define tectonics tectonics synonyms, tectonics pronunciation, tectonics translation, english dictionary definition of tectonics n 1 the study of the earth's. Tectonics definition: 1 the constructive arts in general (architecture) the science and art of assembling, shaping, or ornamenting materials in construction. Architectural tectonics we all have our own fundamental understanding and local definition of the word tectonic case for the tectonic] all architecture.

Architecture definition: wood, or cast iron structuralism functionalism tectonics a general term for the theory and techniques of construction. This thesis is an exploration of the meaning of tectonics in contemporary architecture the topic of tectonics can be approached as a relationship of an architectural. Tectonics in architecture is defined as the science or art of construction, both in relation to use and artistic design it refers not just to the.

Introduction/tectonic systems jpb, 2017 1 introduction to tectonics the earth is composed of layers of different composition and physical properties, principally the. Definition of tectonics in the audioenglishorg dictionary meaning of tectonics what does tectonics mean 1 the science of architecture. Definitions of tectonics, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of tectonics, analogical dictionary of tectonics (english.

  • Tectonics (from latin tectonicus from ancient greek τεκτονικός (tektonikos), meaning 'pertaining to building') is the process that controls the structure.
  • Tectonically definition, of or relating to building or construction constructive architectural see more.
  • Define tectonic: of or relating to tectonics having a strong and widespread impact — tectonic in a sentence.
  • Plate tectonics describes the internal workings of our planet using it allows geologists to explain a wide range of geologic features and.
Define architecture tectonics
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